CelesteCMS™ is a web administration panel created for the websites developed or managed by ALTIAWEB.

There was a need for a tool that was able to allow customers to change the content of their websites or create new posts in case of blog-like websites.

The development of this tool was based on a previous panel created for one of the websites, however what makes CelesteCMS™ interesting is the easy to use interface, also it has many options adapted to the each website.
With the ability to:

  • Send email notifications (blog-like websites).
  • Approve or edit comments (blog-like websites).
  • Create posts (blog-like websites).
  • Change general information of the website.
  • Change page's descriptions or keywords.
  • And more...

Currently due to security reasons the panel only allows to change some of the content.
The cost to use this panel starts from $57.50/month (free when customers purchase monthly support).
One advantage of CelesteCMS™ is that it cost less than regular support, however it does not allows changes of style or sections on the current website.

Please note that this tool is still under development, if you need further information about CelesteCMS™ feel free to contact us at info@altiaweb.com

Celeste Dashboard